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Category » Nakhon Ratchasima » Travel and Transport

Farm Chok Chai

Farm Chok Chai
Located on Friendship Road - Chong. 159 Km. The one I Tue. Lek slightly. 
Farm Chok Chai is a dairy farm that has been recognized as one of the farms, the largest in Asia, an area larger than 20,000 rai Open Business Tourism Agricultural and won Agro-Tourism Award Award tourism industry 4th. since 2545 BC and Tourism Agricultural great time last year 7 ¾. MF 2551. 
Chok Chai Farm program of visits to farms where you can see video about the farm machinery and car museum Chokchai use modern pioneer. Demonstration of milking cattle. Visit the Dairy Farm cow pen. Peach converted scenery converted to bring the grass grown in farm animals. Show Wikipedia frequencies cowboy lifestyle pointing dogs and horses farm animals showing lovely bright And enjoy the small zoo. 
Date / Time View Farm (closed Mondays). 
Tuesday - Friday 10:00 / 14:00 
Saturday - Sunday and holidays at 9:00 pm / 9:20 pm / 10:00 pm / 10:20 pm / 11:00 pm 13:00 am / 13:20 pm / 14:40 pm / 15:00 pm by the visit to the car. farm with guides describe. 
Admission (Thai and foreign) Adult 250 Baht Child 125 Baht 
Note date, time and events may be changed as appropriate. 
For more information call. 02 998 9381 -5 to 150-155. 
There are also boutiques, air-conditioned tent at Camp W.Ra group that focuses on meditation to relax the way back to nature Differentiation from other resort. For more information call. 0 2998 9381-5 or the 150-155.
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